About Us
Spaltemp Five-Zone Oil Circulating System
SPALTECH is a Canadian based company that designs and manufactures industrial processing and temperature control equipment. Our product line includes:
  • Spaltemp Water and Oil Circulating Temperature Control Systems
  • Vacu-Bin Self-Emptying Material Handling Bin
  • Drawer and In-Hopper Magnets

Based in Georgetown, Ontario, a suburb of Toronto, our customers range in size from large multinational corporations to small manufacturing firms throughout North and South America, Europe and Asia. We have been providing high quality equipment to our satisfied customers in a multitude of industrial processes for over 20 years.

At SPALTECH we are committed to providing the best quality industrial processing and temperature control equipment available anywhere. We offer the expert custom design and superior personal service that you and your company deserve.

We offer solutions to your specific processing issues and build high quality equipment designed for reliability and performance. Contact us with your application to see how we can help.

27 Byron Street
Halton Hills, Ontario
L7G 3W6

Phone: 289-891-6690

Email: info@spaltech.com
Website: www.spaltech.com

  • Spaltemp water and oil circulating temperature control systems have applications in numerous industrial processes. The chart below summarizes some of the industries and typical applications where our Spaltemp systems are providing temperature control.
Industrial Processing
  • Steam Replacement
  • Platen Press Heating
  • Water Bath Conditioning
  • Autoclave
  • Preheat/Maintain
Chemical Processing
  • Steam Replacement
  • Vessel/Tank Heating
  • Heat Tracing Pipes
  • Mixer Heating
  • Reactor Heating/Cooling
Printing Industry
  • Roll/Cylinder Control
  • Flexographic Drum Control
  • Laminating Roll Heating
  • Hot Melt Pan/Cylinder
  • Heating
  • Steam Replacement
  • Vessel/Tank Heating
  • Heat Tracing Pipes
  • R&D Lab Equipment
  • Control
Food Processing
  • Dough Batch Heating
  • Heat Tracing Pipes
  • Steam Replacement
Metal Diecasting
  • Die Heating/Cooling
Plastic Processing
  • Mold Heating/Maintaining
  • Extruder Barrel Cooling
  • Roll Heating
Rubber Processing
  • Mold Heating/Maintaining
  • Extruder Barrel Cooling
  • Two Roll Mill Heating
  • Calendaring
  • Electric Heater
  • Replacement
  • Vacu-Bin material handling bins are designed for use with Vacuum Loading Systems and are widely used in the plastics, food, and pharmaceutical inudustries, in cleanroom environments and for the containment and handling of dusty, bagged, and masterbatch materials.
  • SPALTECH Drawer Magnets are primarily used in plastics processing to prevent tramp metal damage to injection moulding machines, blow moulding machines, and extruders.

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